How to collaborate with the local stakeholder network before, during and after the EWoS event.

Success factors

General success factors for collaboration are …

  • All Network members participate on a voluntary basis.
  • The Network creates mutual benefits. And these benefits are visible to the Members.
  • Network members have the knowledge, motivation, skills and resources required for the task.
  • The Network actually works together. It creates something, no matter how small the activity is. It is not just a talking shop.
  • The network is driven by a strong and motivated Facilitator, who at the other hand ensures that all Network members are actively involved.
  • The Network engages on a regular basis with a certain level of energy and dynamics.


Before the EWoS Event

  • Analyse with the potential Network members the specific needs in their local community.
  • Analyse with the potential Network members specific obstacles and barriers faced so far.
  • Analyse with the potential Network members how the EWoS Event can facilitate improvement.
  • Analyse with the potential Network members how each organisation can contribute to the Event.
  • Think of measures to increase sports participation before the Event, e.g. students’ practices at school for a little competition at the day of the event.


During the EWoS Event

  • Collaborate to make the Event a success.
  • Make everybody an important part of the Event.
  • Provide equal visibility to all Network members.
  • Ensure that all Network members feel welcome and supported by the main organiser.



Meet with all Network members after the EWoS Event to …

  • Evaluate what went well or not so well.
  • Consider and plan further collaboration opportunities within the Network to create regular participation opportunities in the community.
  • Plan already for the next EWoS.