What is a local stakeholder network?

The local stakeholder network

A Local Stakeholder Network is an informal group with a mix of organisations that …

  • Understands and is engaged with the respective local community from different angles.
  • Have complementary expertise to influence the current situation towards the better.
  • Can make a local EWoS Event happen and successful.
  • Can create legacy and spill-over effects from this EWoS Event with the objective of increasing higher day-to-day sport participation of people with a disability.


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Members of a local stakeholder network

Identifying the appropriate members of a Local Stakeholder Network is key. Depending on the national sport system on the one hand, and the local situation on the other hand, the right network members may be found in different areas.

The grid below describes a potential scope and choice. However, the focus should be on sport organisations, schools, disability stakeholders and the municipality, with a target number of 4 to 8 network member.