How to initiate sports participation for everyone through an EWoS event.

Using the EWoS Event

  • Use the EWoS Event to promote special offers. Examples are reduced prices to use the swimming pool, or a free try out session at the local sports club in the week after the event.
  • Present sports and activities that are really available in the specific community.
  • Provide and collect contact data and follow up with your offers.
  • Have preparatory and follow-up activities that lead up to the event. Organize sneak-previews for school classes.
  • Link event activities to activities that happen after the event.
    • Examples: Let participants collect the last (or an additional) item to receive the (additional) prize only when the person is participating in a session at a local sports club, or at least request to pick up the (additional) prize at the local sports club.


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