How to start a local stakeholder network.

1. Identify and select

  • Identify all potential members for the Local Stakeholder Network available in the respective community.
  • Match their expertise and capacity and define their potential roles as regards the organisation of the EWoS Event and its legacy.
  • Identify one key partner organisation and one specific person as its representative and your key contact.
  • Contact this person and make her/him the Local Stakeholder Network’s Facilitator; being the central contact and main driver of the Network.
  • Select all Network members in cooperation with the Network Facilitator.


2. Selecting a local network facilitator

The Local Network Facilitator …

  • Must be motivated and active, but also willing to delegate tasks to the other Network members.
  • Needs to have good contacts into different sectors at the local level.
  • Should be familiar with or interested in disability-sports / para-sports.
  • Should be able to gain support of Network members.
  • Should have appropriate organizational, management and communication skills.
  • Must have sufficient time to actively take over the assigned task.


3. Local leadership

  • The national disability-sport or para-sport organisation should initiate the establishment process of a Local Stakeholder Network and support the Local Stakeholder Facilitator.
  • However, it is crucial that the Local Stakeholder Network is willing and able to work on its own.