Why should disability-sports & para-sports connect to existing EWoS events?

Opportunities and advantages

To achieve the aims of the European Week of Sport, it is essential that organisations all over Europe get involved with EWoS events. Connecting to existing EWoS Events:

  1. Provides the opportunity to show that disability-sports and para-sports are a full part of the sport landscape.
  2. Allows people with a disability to be full part of the respective event, and showcases inclusion.
  3. Provides the opportunity for people with a disability to test sports and showcase their abilities.
  4. Allows an opportunity to strengthen networks at the local and national level, by engaging with new stakeholders.
  5. Provides an opportunity to promote specific sports, and showcase athletes’ skills.
  6. Promotes disability-sport and para-sport organisations, activities and engages sponsors.
  7. Saves resources for creating visibility to the wider public and making direct contacts to target groups.

Specific notes for para-sports

By connecting to EWoS Events, para-sport organisations can represent the Paralympic Family outside the sport tournament calendar.

Relations to other sport representatives can be established, and improved; e.g. by supporting them with organizing / improving aspects of inclusion around the EWoS event.

Spill-over effects may include contacts to new athletes, sponsors and media representatives.