How to identify relevant EWoS events to which disability-sport & para-sport organisations can be connected.

The EWoS Event Database

Find a registered event in the EWoS Event Database.

EWoS Coordinators

Contact your EWoS National Coordinator. Their tasks include:

  • Event(s) organisation: Set a National Week of Sport and organize at least one national event.
  • Coordination: Ensure close links with key national players. This includes national disability-sport and para-sport organisations!
  • Communication: Ensure visibility for the EWoS, promote and extend the centrally-developed #BeActive campaign and help spread the messages at the local level.

EWoS Transnational Events

Contact a local municipality and ask if the city organises any #BeActive Challenges.

The #BeActive Kids Challenge involves a school-based festival, which can be held either in individual schools or by bringing schools from a community together in one place. It includes a number of activities that all kids should complete. The activities take a total of at least 60 minutes, meeting the daily activity level for kids as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

The #BeActive Walk Challenge is an active community event. It aims to make European citizens realise how easy it is to integrate physical activity into everyday life and to #BeActive all year long. It is composed of two elements: 1.) A route of at least 6 km enabling citizens to walk, run, cycle or skate; 2.) A EWoS City Festival, which marks the official end of the EWoS in the city.

Further information can be found here, or at

Specific notes for para-sports

Make use of connections with Olympic sports, sport federations, school sports organisations and other governing bodies of disability-sports.