How to establish contact and partnership with other EWoS events?

Strength and expertise

Come prepared, and elaborate the strengths and expertise of your organisation before contacting any organiser.

Concentrate on the added values you may bring to the specific EWoS Event, rather than asking what can be provided. Examples may include:

  • Make organisers realize that your involvement brings additional participants to the Event; in average around 15% of the population has a disability, and around 40% have a reduced mobility. In addition, participants often tend to bring family members.
  • Promote yourself as a facilitator of inclusion; both as regards sports and the Event itself. Because many organisers still struggle or do not know how to handle this important aspect sufficiently.
  • Make organisers realize that your contribution extends the offer of sports and activities; often with aspects never seen or tried out by the public.
  • Point out that you bring sport stars, which may create additional media attraction to the Event.
  • Make organisers realize that you attract an additional network (e.g. social stakeholders) to the Event.


  • Make your involvement quality and professional!
  • Make sure that you deliver what you have promised!
  • Play clever!


  • Do not sell yourself cheap!
  • Do not oversell yourself!
  • Do not beg!

Specific notes for para-sports

Recognise and make use of the strength of the Paralympic Games. Make organisers aware that the Paralympic Games (London 2012) were rated No. 3 leading sporting event, with around 2, 7 million spectators, 4,237 athletes, 164 participating nations, and 115 TV nations present. Para-sports are full part of the sporting landscape and are not on the fringes anymore.