How to contribute to EWoS events to promote disability-sports & para-sports, and to make these events more inclusive?

Opportunities and advantages

  • Showcase high-level disability-sports and para-sports to shift expectations of the wider public. Learn more
  • Provide information about disability-sports and para-sports, and the situation of people with a disability in general. Learn more
  • Help provide a barrier-free atmosphere for everybody and enable access to all activities offered at, and around the Event. Facilitate interaction between everybody. Learn more
  • Provide possibilities to experience specific disability-sports and para-sports for both people with and without disability. Learn more
  • Provide possibilities to experience different types of disabilities in typical everyday situations. Learn more
  • Bring the idea of inclusive physical activity into the existing Event; show how participants of all abilities can enjoy playing alongside each other and competing together. Learn more

Specific notes for para-sports

Bring Paralympians and outstanding para-sports stars to the Event to showcase their extraordinary abilities.

Create awareness of the different para-sports offered in your country, especially those where you need new participants.

Connect your involvement with events and activities from the Paralympic calendar.