What is inclusivized sports participation?

UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Physical Activity @ IT Tralee

What is ‘inclusivizing’ sports participation?

The word ‘inclusivize’ embraces the idea of continuous action, the act of making something inclusive, as the situation, activity or individual requires. If you inclusivize sport then you are making sport and physical activity accessible for all. By inclusivizing sport you are taking part in the act of making changes in different aspects of sports to allow people of all abilities to be involved.

Why do I need it?

As an organizing body of an EWoS sporting event it is important to provide for people of all abilities at your event. All attendees should be given the chance to be actively involved and to enjoy the activity and not merely observe. This will broaden your capacity to organize activities for a broad spectrum of people.

Who needs it?

We ‘inclusivize’ sports participation for the benefit of everyone and society. Many sports did not develop in an inherently inclusive manner; therefore it can be useful to offer suggestions to coaches, organisers, players as to how they might make a particular sport or activity more inclusive.

Organisers of sporting events get more proficient and creative at inclusivizing with practice; sharing ideas with others can be a great way to learn. In addition participants can get a feel for what works best for them as they gain more experience in inclusive sport.

Inclusivizing can also make activities more intergenerational. However it is most beneficial for people with disabilities as they are often excluded from participating alongside their peers due to a lack of knowledge on inclusion and ways to inclusivize sports.

How does it work?

Inclusivizing sports participation works by making minor modifications to four key aspects of the sport/physical activity. The organiser can make changes to the; 1) Teaching Style, 2) Rules, 3) Equipment, and 4) Environment. These minor modifications may have major impacts on the accessibility of the activity increasing the range of abilities involved.

Following these modifications, people of all abilities can now be fully confident in participating with their peers as independently as possible. In turn, facilitating the inclusion of people by transforming one of the major barriers to inclusion experienced by people with disabilities.

Where to get support?

Support can be found by directly contacting us.

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