What is the European Week of Sport?


What is the European Week of Sport?

Sport is an important aspect of social and cultural life in the European Union. It is deeply embedded in Europe’s societies with some 300 million people regularly enjoying sport.

Engaging in sport is one of the ways of being physically active and the sports movement has great influence on the level of health-enhancing physical activity of European citizens.

The European Week of Sport (EWoS) aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe.

The Week is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it will inspire Europeans to #BeActive on a regular basis and create opportunities in peoples’ everyday lives to exercise more.

#BeActive is a call to action to get Europeans moving!

Why do we need the EWoS?

Participation in sport and physical activity is stagnating, and in some EU Member States even declining.

It’s not just people’s health and well-being that suffers; it’s our society and economy as a whole.

Increased spending on health care, a loss of productivity in the workplace and reduced employability are just a few of the negative knock-on effects.

How are activities organized?

A) During one week in September, EU-centralised events and activities take place, including:

  • The official Opening of the Week by the EU Commissioner is organized in close collaboration with the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council and should take place in parallel in as many participating countries as possible.
  • A Flagship event organized by the European Commission in Brussels, mainly addressed to stakeholders and covering a topical issue on the EU sport agenda.
  • Any other event with a European-wide vocation organized by other EU institutions and European partners of the Week (i.e. sport and sport-related organisations committed to the success of the Week).

B) The implementation of the Week across Europe is decentralised, in close cooperation with specific National EWoS Coordinators, through National Weeks of Sport taking place during one week in September of the same year. All events organized in a country under the umbrella of the European Week of Sport at national, regional and local levels will ideally take place during this set National Week.

C) In addition, a central communication campaign is established. The overarching campaign theme for the European Week of Sport is “#BeActive”. It also functions as a reference framework for events and activities aiming at promoting sport and physical activity throughout the year.

What is the generic shape of the EWoS?

In order to make Europeans move, EWoS has three aims:

  • Inform: Raise awareness about the positive impact of healthy lifestyles.
  • Inspire: Give people ideas about how to #BeActive and adopt healthy lifestyle.
  • Facilitate: Create opportunities to #BeActive in today’s fast-paced environment.

As an annual event, the European Week of Sport includes all kinds of creative and exciting events and activities in different European countries. The EWoS takes place at EU, national, regional and local level, and is structured to include themes and activities that appeal to all audiences.

How to take part?

Everybody can play a role in creating a culture that values sport and physical activity! Whether it is sport organisations and federations, or one is a parent, employer, local authority or student. There are plenty of projects and initiatives across Europe one can join, or one can create an own-initiative to help promote the European Week of Sport.

For it, the European Commission has created a central platform for information, where all EWoS Events are listed and the EWoS Organisational Toolbox together with the #BeActive communications tools are available free for use.

Whom to contact for further information?

For support, please contact us.

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