EWoS Event elements – Entertain.

What is it?

  • Entertain refers to the fact that the EWoS Event should be a fun day out for all the family, with a stage including celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment.


Why do it?

  • Give people another reason to come to the EWoS Event.
  • Let people have fun together outside sports.
  • Attract additional media interest by inviting and engaging celebrities also outside the world of sports.
  • Give social and cultural stakeholders a role.


How to do it?

  • Organize an entertainment programme on the stage; including music, theatre, dances, interviews or show elements. Make sure that there are specific programmes for children, youngsters, families and the elderly.
  • Make sure to include stands that offer activities other than sports; including stands with healthy(!) food, and cultural or social activities.



  • Organize interviews and games with celebrities on the stage.
  • Organize an inclusive activity session on the stage, e.g. a common fitness session run by a fitness celebrity.
  • Organize a cooking show that focuses on preparing healthy food; possibly run by a well-known TV cook.
  • Include stands showcasing local craft works; possibly created by or with people with a disability.
  • Include folk shows for the elderly, bring magicians for children, and music bands for youngsters.


Basic recommendations

  • Consider providing entertainment activities for all age-groups; obey the right timing.
  • Try to make all entertainment elements inclusive; include e.g. translators for persons with a hearing impairment or arrange first row seats for persons with visual impairments.
  • Food is important. Make it a healthy food offer!


Specific notes for para-sports

  • Invite famous Paralympians and interview them.
  • Connect the cultural activities and the food offered with the countries where the last or upcoming Paralympic Games were / are hosted.


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