EWoS Event elements – Include.

What is it?

  • The Include element means that inclusive sports are displayed; showing how participants of all abilities can play alongside each other, enjoying sports and competing together.
  • This element includes participating together in 1) specific disability-sports that are adapted to be inclusive; 2) in any other sports that are adapted to be inclusive; and/or 3) in new sport activities for inclusion.

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Why do it?

  • Inclusive sports allow creating (new) common sports opportunities for all participants of the EWoS Event.
  • They allow for showcasing ability, the possibility of common activity and equality through sports.
  • Practising inclusive sports contributes to shifting perceptions of people’s abilities, and creating a stronger sense of community.
  • Through this EWoS element, you can position your organisation as an expert for inclusion through sport; an expertise that is needed due to most national laws for inclusion.


How to do it?

  • Organize inclusive sports demonstrations.
  • Organize try-outs of inclusive sports to find out how easy and fun they are.
  • Organize specific workshops to teach what inclusion is and how it can be realized.



  • Playing Goalball, by blindfolding people and playing together with persons with visual impairment; Organizing a game of wheelchair basketball by playing together; or Adapting the rules of football in a way that everybody can play the game together.
  • Baskin: The game of Baskin is an inclusive activity based on basketball, where players of a team have different “roles” that make inclusiveness possible.
  • Recall Games: A collection of traditional sports games that were tailor-made to be inclusive sport activities.
  • Inclusive School Games: A collection of school sports that are tailored into inclusive sport formats with accompanying videos.


Basic recommendations

  • Have always somebody to explain the concept of inclusive sports; e.g. to PE teachers or coaches.
  • Arrange supporters with and without disabilities that help you to offer and showcase inclusive sports.


Specific notes for para-sports

Focus on para-sports and Paralympic sports and make them inclusive. Or invent inclusive sports that serve for preparation and training of your athletes. This may in some cases even create training partners for your athletes, which may lead to better performance!

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