EWoS Event elements – Inform.

What is it?

  • An EWoS Event provides a great opportunity to provide information to the general public about the background of sports for people with a disability, but also about the daily living and personal situations of persons with a disability, both in general and in the respective local community.


Why do it?

  • Still there is great lack of awareness and knowledge around the situation and the abilities of persons with a disability.
  • Experience shows that understanding a sport better, leads to greater appreciation of performance.
  • It is proven that the more people know about the personal background of persons with a disability, the more likely they may overcome attitudinal barriers.


How to do it?

  • Provide everybody with a detailed Event Programme that contains background information. Click here to see an example.
  • Create a specific information stand that is located in a central position of the EWoS Event.
  • Provide Information Posters at all stands, whether this is about the sports or background on certain barriers that are created by society, e.g. towards persons in a wheel chair or persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • Inform people explicitly during the Experience elements of the Event; e.g. through volunteers making participants aware what locations are not accessible yet in their community, both as regards physical and attitudinal access.



  • During the Showcase Ability elements of the Event, background of the sports and their rules can be easily provided.
  • Make people aware of where and how they can connect to a sport after the Event.
  • Good examples of information about daily routines include the aspects of daily life with a guide dog or in a wheelchair. These can be easily connected to the Experience elements of the Event.


Basic recommendations

  • Provide a variety of educational material; both self-exploring material and guided information.
  • Make sure that you provide specifically information about the sports represented at the EWoS Event.
  • Include questions about the background information provided into your prize competition.
  • Do not play on people’s heart strings; Informing is not about making people feeling sorry or guilty!


Specific notes for para-sports

Knowing a para-sport and the respective background creates interest a) to participate and b) to watch it live or on TV. Elements of information can include the variety of para-sports and Paralympic sports available, the history of the Paralympic Movement and its values, and how to get involved. The Proud Paralympian Programme provides free-to-use resources for all IPC members.

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