EWoS Event elements – Interact.

What is it?

  • To interact means that people of all abilities have the opportunity to connect and to get in touch with each other without barriers. This does not only relate to sports, but includes any personal communication.


Why do it?

  • Many people do not have or for whatever reason never had any personal or direct contact with a person with a disability. Interacting shall open up barriers and lead to better understanding.


How to do it?

  • Create a barrier-free atmosphere for everybody. Ensure that all persons with any type of disabilities are able to have access to all activities offered at and – at its best – around the EWoS Event.
  • Create concrete situations and opportunities for informal exchange.



  • Initiate and facilitate conversations about topics of common interest (e.g. local football club, local politicians, TV shows etc.). Good opportunities to interact are the “breaks” of the Experience and Include elements.
  • Include elements into the EWoS Event, where personal interaction with the athletes becomes essential for a prize competition (see sticker concept); e.g. by asking personal questions about personal bests, or the number of international medals won.


Basic recommendations

  • There needs to be sensitive handling of enabling contact. This may not be mistaken with forcing any side to make contact.
  • Make sure that volunteers are available to support, but that they do not “take over” interaction between the parties.
  • Allow for short-term and long-term interaction. Allow for follow-up activities by announcing already next meeting possibilities; e.g. an upcoming social event, sport competition or training session.