EWoS Event elements – Showcase ability.

What is it?

  • Showcasing Ability means to display disability-sports and para-sports at their best, performed by elite level athletes.


Why do it?

  • The intention of Showcasing Ability is to impress the spectators and shift their perception towards the aspects of ability.
  • Showcasing elite-level sports may set goals for those athletes practicing the respective sports at grass-roots level.


How to do it?

  • Arrange live showcases of elite-level athletes performing their respective sport during the EWoS Event.
  • Organize an elite-level competition alongside (and very close to) the EWoS Event.
  • Arrange live showcases of top-level sports between elite athletes with and without disabilities.



  • Sports like Judo, power-lifting or table-tennis are good sports to be showcased on a stage.
  • Good sports for comparison of elite athletes are Football 5-a-side, Sitting volleyball, Wheelchair tennis or Wheelchair basketball, where top-level athletes from football, volleyball, tennis or basketball perform against Paralympians.
  • If there are no top-level athletes available, the sports can be shown on a screen. This also applies, if the competition organized alongside the EWoS Event is too far away to be visited.


Basic recommendations

  • Try to showcase a variety of sports representing a variety of abilities.
  • Raise interest by showcasing sports that are popular in the respective community.
  • Showcase those sports for which you need more participants in the local clubs.
  • Make sure that the respective sport showcased can also be tried on the sport by the participants.
  • If sports are shown on a screen there should be guidance and further information provided on the spot.
  • Do not forget to showcase winter sports, as this is may be the upcoming season for sports. However, be sensitive with the fact that these are often cost intensive sports.


Specific notes for para-sports

  • Make use of your Paralympians and ask them to do the showcases.
  • Showcase those Paralympic sports for which you currently seek talent.
  • Show videos of the Paralympic Games and share stories of known para-athletes, in order to accompany the live performances, to bridge breaks, or to showcase the sports if there is no athlete available.
  • Find videos here and find stories here.


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