What kind of event could be organized?

Types of EWoS Events

In principle, many formats of EWoS Events are possible:

  • Simple or Complex: The scope of the Event may range from a simple “open training session” to a complex “festival of sports”.
  • The Event may be settled at National, Regional or Local level
  • Existing or New: Regardless its scope and level, the Event can take the form of an existing event or activity that is adapted to the EWoS principles, or the form of a totally new Event

Events to engage with

The following non-extensive list describes the variety of event possibilities to engage with the EWoS:

  • Festival of Sports
  • City Festivals that include sports
  • Grassroots Sports Competitions or Relays
  • Open Training Sessions
  • Coach Workshops
  • Open Days
  • Public Information Stand
  • Sport Conference
  • Sport Try Out
  • Inclusive Sports Day
  • School Sports Day
  • Sport Award Ceremony
  • etc.

Specific notes for para-sports

Instead of creating a new Event, Paralympic Committees may decide to make use of their existing Events and make them an Event under or connected to EWoS. This could be through the Paralympic Day or Paralympic School Day.

For it, the Paralympic Day / Paralympic School Day would be held during the EWoS and/or the respective National Week of Sport (see the year’s respective timetable) and EWoS branding and its specific communication material would be added. The Day could be enriched by some elements proposed by this toolkit.

The respective Event would be registered for EWoS and communicated through the #BeActive Communication Channels.