Why should disability-sports and para-sports organisations organize their own awareness-raising event under EWoS?

Leading progress

Organizing your own event takes significant effort and resources.

However, there are a variety of general aspects in favour of doing so:

  • You have full control over the scope and quality of the Event.
  • You create more visibility and your own brand awareness.
  • You take the position of a leader, rather than a partner.
  • You create specific event ownership.
  • You can use the Event for extended fundraising towards your organisation’s activities.

Opportunities and advantages

Furthermore, there are specific aspects in favour of running your own disability-sports and para-sports event:

  • Running your own EWoS Event shows that disability-sports and para-sports are full part of the sport landscape, and strengthens your recognition.
  • Allows people with a disability being in the centre of the respective Event.
  • Provides people with a disability the chance to test more sports and showcasing all their abilities.
  • Gives visibility to all your specific sports, and showcases your athletes’ skills.
  • Provides full visibility for your sponsors, and may create new ones.
  • Empowers you to call for improving accessibility in the respective local community.
  • Creates visibility to the wider public and makes direct contacts to your target groups.
  • Allows you to act rather than re-act, by inviting other sport organisations rather than being an add-on to their event; with you taking decisions in principle.

Specific notes for para-sports

  • By running an own awareness-raising event under EWoS, para-sport organisations can represent the Paralympic Family outside the sport tournament calendar.
  • A position as leader and initiator in a country can be shown, and eye-level-relations to other sport representatives can be established.
  • It provides a good opportunity to showcase sports and possibly finding talent.

Overcoming obstacles

Besides the above advantages and arguments in favour of organizing your own Event under EWoS, there are also potential obstacles; but there are usually also ways to overcome them:

  • Lack of monetary resources:
    • Besides fundraising of public and private money for the Event, you may contact your National EWoS Coordinator who – in some cases – may provide monetary support, or you may apply to the funding available under the EU Erasmus+ Sport Programme
  • Too many other events organized already:
    • Turn one of your existing events into an EWoS Event, by (eventually) just scheduling it into the EWoS / National Week of Sports timeframe.
  • Lack of event planning and management expertise:
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