What is the background of this toolkit?

European Week of Sport

The European Week of Sport (EWoS) is a European Commission initiative to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. The European-wide campaign inspires Europeans to #BeActive during the week itself and also to stay active all year long. EWoS generates new activities and builds on existing initiatives, whether they are organized at the European, national, or local level.

In order to make Europeans move, EWoS has three aims:

  • Inform: Raise awareness about the positive impact of healthy lifestyles.
  • Inspire: Give people ideas about how to #BeActive and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Facilitate: Create opportunities to #BeActive in today’s fast-paced environment.

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European Paralympic Committee

The European Paralympic Committee (EPC) is composed of forty-nine National Paralympic Committees (NPC) and the European branches of four disability-specific International Organisations of Sports for the Disabled and three independent Paralympic sport federations.

EPC’s mission is to promote the development of sport opportunities for European athletes with a disability as part of the world-wide Paralympic Movement. It ensures the strength of the Movement through the development of the European NPC and (as an ambassador) supports the activities of all its members.

By supporting this #BeInclusive, the EPC intends to ensure that the Paralympic Family in Europe is supported in its engagement with the European Week of Sport.


The #BeInclusive Toolkit constitutes one of the deliverables of the EWoS ABILITY LINK*IT project, an initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project was developed by the sport development specialists from SPIN Sport Innovation in close cooperation with the European Paralympic Committee.

The initiative was undertaken in the light of the European Week of Sport 2015 with the intention of sustainably connecting disability-sports and para-sports to this new European flagship event for sports promotion.

The vision is that – step by step – the Toolkit will help national and local disability-sport and para-sport stakeholders to contribute to future EWoS events, and that these events will also create sustainable increases in sports participation and health enhancing physical activity.

The development of this Toolkit has been made possible by the work of a partnership who have committed their experience and knowledge towards its creation.

The partnership included the European Paralympic Committee, SPIN Sport Innovation (DE), City of Karlsruhe (DE), University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (AT), Hungarian Paralympic Committee, Movigo Sport e.V. (DE), Institute of Technology Tralee (IR), Bulgarian National Sports Academy, and Sport & Citizenship (FR).

Erasmus+ Sport Programme

ERASMUS+ is the EU’s programme for boosting skills and employability through education, training, youth, and sport.

Erasmus+ activities in the field of sport aim to support actions that increase capacity and professionalism, improve management competence, and creating linkages between sport sector organisations.

The EWOS ABILITY LINK*KIT PROJECT was one out of only five Collaborative Partnerships supported through the Erasmus+ Sport 2015 Funding Round 1 related to the European Week of Sport.


The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute endorsement of the content, which reflects the views only of the authors. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. In regards to completeness and terminology, it is clear that there are considerable debates as to different approaches, terms and definitions related to the sector, and that these might differ in the European countries. However, for the purpose of this Toolkit, it has been decided not to focus on scientific completeness or delimitable terminology, as it does not detract from the idea of learning for practice. References to persons are not gender-specific.© #BeInclusive Consortium. Editor: SPIN Sport Innovation.